Class 4 Instructor Rating


Candidates must hold a Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence or greater with a Category 1 Medical approved by Transport Canada. Candidates are also required to write an entrance exam and under go an interview with our Director of Flight Operations and Course Coordinator.


This rating grants you the privilege to teach other people the necessary skills and knowledge required to get various flying licences and ratings. It is also a great way to begin a career in aviation.

Ground school subject for the Class IV Instructor rating

Course Administration and Overview
Principles of Learning
Teaching Methodologies (Knowledge)
Effective Oral Communications
Workshop - Presentation and Preparation
Student Presentations (10 Minute)
Writing Objectives
Detailing the Lesson Plan
Teaching Methodologies (Skill)
The Skill Lesson
Developmental Method
Visual Aids
Evaluating Learning
Workshop Presentation and Preparation
Student Presentations (20 Minute )
Theory of Flight
Air Traffic Services
Theory of Flight - Student Presentations
Interpreting the F.I.G and MFC Syllabus
Duties and Responsibilities of an Instructor
Attitude Flying
MFC Syllabus and S.O.P.`s
PGI Demonstration
Human Factors
Student Presentations
Visual Aids Instrument Transparencies
T.C. Enforcement Seminar
Time Management For Instructors

Ground school subjects will be covered in approximately 150 hours.

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