Com. Pilot License

Commercial Pilot Licence with a Group 1 (Multi-Engine) Instrument Rating


Candidates must be 18 years of age for the issuance of a Commercial Pilot Licence, however they may begin at the age of 17. The candidate will also be required to have completed a Category 1 medical approved by Transport Canada.


In order to work for a company, you will need to get a Commercial Pilot Licence. This licence is also needed to get an Airline Pilot Licence. Although this licence will not authorize you to fly multi-engine aeroplanes, you can later train and get your Multi-Engine rating. For a more realistic commercial training which would include the Multi-Engine rating and the IFR rating see the Commercial, Multi-Engine and Group 1 Instrument rating section.

Ground school Subjects

Canadian Aviation Regulations and Licensing
Flight Operations
Radio Theory
Airframes, Engines and Systems
Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight
Flight Instruments
Human Factors
Pilot Decision Making

The ground school total will approximate 72 hours.

If you are looking to complete a Commercial Pilot Licence without the Multi and IFR ratings, please give us a call at 1-800-760-4632 or send us an email for pricing at

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