All of our aircraft are maintained by a staff of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, which allows for minimal down time and maximum efficiency.  Safety is a high priority at MFC, and we believe that experience in the air begins in our hangars. All of our aircraft are regularly inspected in accordance with strict Transport Canada and Company policies.

MFC's fleet of 46 aircraft and 8 simulators consists of the following models:

2 King Air C90B
35 Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse
6 Piper Seminole PA44-180
1 Cessna 172 M/N
2 Cessna 172 S

1 DA40 Level 5 FTD
2 King Air 200 Level 5 FTD
3 ATC810 level 2 FTD
1 Elite Level 2 FTD
9 Situational Awareness Trainers (SAT)

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